Tel: 07802 631968

Tel: 07802 631968


Welcome to the Alabaré Christian Community website. We aim to make your visit as informative as possible. We are involved in many charity projects around the South West of England supporting people in crisis and times of need. We have also become involved in projects overseas and you can read about our work in the Developing World here.

We help homeless people, those in need of special learning and young people that require supported living. Read about our Outreach Minstry or find a care centre near you if you are in need of help or advice.

 Alabaré, a charity supporting vulnerable, homeless and marginalised people.

If you need any more information or a helping hand around the site, please contact us either by phone or email.

Vision Statement

To be a sign of the love which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share. We are called by God to a Covenant Community of prayer, worship and fellowship which enables us to serve each other and the vulnerable of our world, making hospitality our special care.

28 Oakley Road

Tel: 07802 631968

28 Oakley Road Wilton SP2 0FA

Tel: 07802 631968

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