Tel: 07802 631968

Tel: 07802 631968


In November 2009 we celebrated 25 years of the Alabaré Christian Community which is open to all denominations. As part of our celebrations we developed denominational Fellowships under the umbrella of the Community for the ongoing formation of faith in accordance with church doctrine. We hope that these Fellowships will be used by the church to work in areas of evangelisation and catechesis under the discipline of the respective church authority. The first Fellowship to be created is the Roman Catholic Fellowship which will be constituted in Canon Law under the authority and guidance of the Bishop of Clifton.

The Community will continue to work ecumenically whenever and wherever it can especially in our work for the vulnerable and marginalised through Alabaré.

The Alabaré Catholic Fellowship will be an Association of Christ’s Faithful which is distinct from institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life. In these associations, Christ’s faithful, whether clerics or laity, or clerics and laity together as Alabaré will be, strive with a common effort to foster a more perfect life, and to promote public worship or Christian teaching. They may also devote themselves to other works of the apostolate, such as initiatives for evangelisation, works of piety or charity, and those which animate the temporal order with the Christian spirit. (Can. 298) Our work in some of these areas has been developing for some time. The Catholic Fellowship will offer to support the Church in its ministry with and to young people and will in part pay for the provision of a full time Youth Co-ordinator for the local church.

We are always open to others who would like to serve in this way and would love you to join us in body and spirit to witness this next step in our journey of faith. In any event please hold us in your prayer. If you want to know more about becoming a Friend or Associate of the Community please contact us.

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Vision Statement

To be a sign of the love which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share. We are called by God to a Covenant Community of prayer, worship and fellowship which enables us to serve each other and the vulnerable of our world, making hospitality our special care.

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Tel: 07802 631968

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