Tel: 07802 631968

Tel: 07802 631968


The New Citizen Project – Porto Allegro, Brazil

In 2004 we embarked on our first project for many years in the developing world. Early in our formation we supported Senda Juvenile, a young person’s educational programme in Guyacuiel, Ecuador.

During 2004 Fr. Gerry Proctor and Fr. José Marins and his team from Brazil came to the UK and visited Alabaré to host a weekend on Basic Ecclesial Communities. Whilst with us they visited some of the projects of Alabaré Christian Care Centres. On their subsequent travels in South America they came across real poverty in Porto Allegro, and remembering the work they had seen at Alabaré’s aluminium recycling plant at Barford St. Martin, they asked if we could help by providing similar equipment for the people of Porto Allegro as this would enable them to double their income overnight.

Between Fr. Gerry and his friends, the Community and Alabaré Christian Care Centres we raised £3,500 to provide a crushing machine which has now been purchased. This has also led to the formation of a co-operative where the workers now come together to share this resource. The project was named the ‘New Citizen Project’ and to the left are a selection of photographs of the project illustrating the living conditions for 10 adults and 5 children along with images of the new machinery purchased as part of this initiative.

Vision Statement

To be a sign of the love which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share. We are called by God to a Covenant Community of prayer, worship and fellowship which enables us to serve each other and the vulnerable of our world, making hospitality our special care.

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Tel: 07802 631968

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Tel: 07802 631968

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